Engagement is a characteristic most commonly found in rainmakers, and is the most predictive of the success as a rainmaker. Engagement is a desire to be regularly engaged in an activity, usually work-related. These people can maintain a high level of activity for prolonged periods of time.They are uncomfortable when they do not have enough to do. Some might say they are workaholics. Others might say they have a lot of energy. The point is, these people thrive on being busy. And they integrate the various parts of their busy lives – personal, pleasure, and business.• Internal drive
Rainmakers are strongly self-motivated and committed to succeed in winning clients as a way not to be beholden to anyone, including work. Rainmakers certainly enjoy the financial rewards of their efforts, but mostly Rainmakers strive to develop clients because it is challenging, fun, and satisfying. Having the optimism to expect good results from their efforts, rainmakers are driven to make things happen and to build their companies. Optimism and a relentless drive are two personality traits that the overwhelming majority of rainmakers seem to have.• Looking beyond the matter at hand
Rainmakers see beyond the task at hand. When working on a matter, they recognise that everyone they are in contact with is a potential source for the next matter. The Rainmaker mindset is not about simply getting this current thing done. This thing is connected to the next thing. As a result, rainmakers know and understand the business of their clients, but they are also interested in their clients as people. Rainmakers connect their personal lives with business opportunities – many times without realising it. Not necessarily to “make the sale,” but because they truly enjoy interacting with people – who then turn into clients.

• Engagement in personal relationships
Not surprisingly, rainmakers are adept at personal relationships, with quite a few noting that they “love people” and are “fascinated” by them. But many shared a particular distaste for cocktail parties and networking events. They focus intently on one-on-one interactions.

• Solving practical business problems
Where other partners often focus on intellectual, abstract questions, Rainmakers engage with the difficult practical and business challenges that their clients confront. When asked about their strengths, Rainmakers tended to describe their decisiveness and business judgment, while other partners more often reflected on their substantive expertise and the quality of their work.

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