You now have all the boxes ticked. Your monthly newsletter is scheduled to go out on set intervals. You are creating your own unique content, posting regularly on various social media platforms and incorporating print media into your digital marketing mix. You might be wondering what there is possible still left to do? Let us look at digital campaigns and how it can benefit you.• In what way does a digital campaign differ from a newsletter?
A Newsletter has between one and four articles with a soft call to action. A soft call to action is something like Read More. It takes the reader to your blog to read more about the topic.A newsletter is informative and shares insightful content with the reader. A digital campaign focusses on only one topic with a hard call to action. An example of a hard call to action is ‘schedule an appointment today!’ A digital campaign therefore focusses on creating awareness about a topic i.e. a specific service or addresses a certain need that requires a direct call to action.• How and when should digital campaigns be used?
Like with all marketing activities, digital campaigns must be structured too. If you have chosen a specific focus area for the quarter, you should repeat this in your monthly campaign. For example, if your focus is on Estate Planning this month, your newsletter will typically contain an article that focuses on the benefits of having a valid written will in place. A campaign will then be sent out preferably two weeks after your newsletter with the same focus but a different angle, for example, ‘what happens if you should die without a will?’ This will ensure that the message that you are conveying for that specific month is repeated.

• How must a digital campaign be compiled in terms of content?
Think of a campaign as an advertisement. It must catch your attention! Use something to attract the reader’s attention. It might be an image or the words of the heading. Create interest. Ask a question. Make a statement. The heading should be catchy and the content must be short and to the point. It must be written in such a way that it will interest and convince the reader to want to click on the call to action. Apart from focusing on a specific topic, it would be advisable to have a theme that you use for your campaigns. A theme will not only assist you to write the content but will create consistency and will allow potential clients to recognise and remember your campaigns. It is advisable to change your theme on an annual basis. Examples of a theme could be a DID YOU KNOW? or a Q&A.

• What can you expect in terms of results for a digital campaign?
Products are slightly easier to advertise, because you could offer two for the price of one. You could add pictures of the product and people can click to order it immediately. In the service industry, it is a slightly different ball game. You cannot run a special on divorce this month that includes a free ante-nuptial contract next month. The focus is therefore more about creating top-of-mind awareness. Top-of-mind awareness is simply just the first brand that comes to mind when thinking of a product or service provider. By sending out campaigns you consciously position yourself in the minds of your clients and potential clients as the firm or professional of choice. The services industry is built on relationships. People buy people. It would be wise to add your or your team’s photo at the bottom with the call to action. Results also depend on the type of service you focus on. Auditing is a service that not everybody requires, whereas monthly accounting solutions might appeal to more people.

Digital campaigns are a great way to break away from the norm and mundane way of conveying information to your clients and potential clients. Make your competitors jealous and be one click ahead!

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