The first thought that most probably comes to mind when somebody uses the word brochure is the cupboards full of boxes with thousands of brochures that you once printed in bulk. You still have not managed to hand everything out and by now the text has become irrelevant and the design outdated.The good news is that the way brochures are being used have evolved and therefore remains very popular to use in any business today. Let us take a look at the points that you should be aware of to ensure that brochures are still an item you use as part of your marketing toolkit.Digital printing
Gone are the days where you only had the option to print your brochures by means of litho. Digital printing has become very popular and is the solution when printing smaller quantities. It is more cost effective and you can literally print only on demand. The difference between litho and digital printing is simply that litho printing uses printing plates and wet ink while digital printing uses toners on a press, almost like a giant office printer. Litho printing is still more cost effective for bigger quantities and takes slightly longer.Digital versions
Your brochure does not have to be printed in the traditional way that is has always been done. Most communication is via email and you can have your services brochure in a digital format to attach to emails. Link it to your next digital campaign or add it to your website. Digital brochures are downloadable and the reader can then read, print or save the document for later use.

Brochures come in several formats in addition to the conventional tri-fold style with the stock standard 1000-word text and a clip art image. Using infographs in the brochure or personalised photos of the offices will have a much higher impact in people remembering your business and services. Being creative with your brochure layout and approach will make you and your business memorable, as people respond well to clutter-free content supported by images and a unique layout.

If you print smaller quantities digitally or use your brochures in a digital format, it is easily editable. Should text change you can adapt it immediately. Your brochures can be refreshed in terms of design on a yearly basis to ensure that your marketing material does not become stale. Adapt it according to each department or professional’s need. Brochures are the best tools to use when promoting your personal brand.

Cross sell
The easiest way to increase your revenue and profitability is to sell more to your existing clients. Many clients only know about the service that you offer them. They might not even be aware of the range that your business offers. You are not the topic expert? The good news is that you do not have to be – brochures are the perfect marketing material to use as a tool when cross selling the services. The client is already convinced of your businesses reputation, skill set and quality of service – they will read and even forward your brochure to others.

We all have waited in a reception area before a meeting. This is a great place where you can place your brochures in a professional stand. People enjoy reading and they might have not known that you offer certain services. It can even be displayed digitally on a TV screen to promote your business. Brochures are versatile and can be used for almost all types of information and in different venues, at business breakfasts or when hosting your own seminars. It can even be adapted to have a tear off section as part of a competition or a form that people can complete and hand back to you at an event for database building purposes.

Always remember no matter what format you use; it is important that your brochures are of high quality and that the graphic design and layout remains professional. When you have more than one brochure it should be noted that they all have the same theme and do not look totally different but reflects your corporate identity.

Effective marketing campaigns are all about client interactions. Brochures are simply just another way to interact with your clients and ultimately become the business of choice in your area!

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