No matter if you are only starting a business or have been around the block a few times, having a company profile is of utmost importance. You can see your company profile as the Curriculum Vitae of your business.

Just like a Curriculum Vitae gives a brief account of a person’s education, qualifications, and previous occupations, so your company profile informs the reader of your business’s history, the resources, service offering, expertise and location.Let us look at the purpose your company profile serves and why you should invest in a proper one.

Using it as a marketing tool
The business world is competitive and only those who are constantly one step ahead make it in the long haul. The first impression will be the lasting one and a well-prepared company profile brings that tangible element your business offers to the table when meeting with prospective clients or employees.

Be careful to load your company profile with Oxford English sentences, as it will make it is difficult to understand and creates a total disconnect with the person reading it. It should be professionally written and designed in a way that will provide your business with the distinctiveness it needs, leaving a lasting impression in readers’ minds.

Your website cannot be printed in a proper way while your company profile can. It is a user-friendly document that is in essence a condensed version of your website that you can print or attach to a proposal.

Using it for selling purposes
Your company profile is the most effective tool that is not unchangeable or fixed. It is a dynamic and versatile document that explains to a prospective client in a holistic way what they can expect when dealing with your business.

Remember that your company profile has the ability to be tailor made and act as complimentary material to persuade clients to ultimately do business with you. When submitting tender documents or proposals you could highlight the strengths or expertise that are applicable to make you stand out from your competitors.

Using it for recruitment
Recruiting top talent is high on every business’s priority list. Unfortunately, employers do not always have the upper hand as the competition has become even more prevalent today. The rules of the game have changed and most talented professionals make the choice with businesses ‘fighting’ for their attention.

This is where your company profile becomes a vital document in the hands of that potential employee when considering the option of selecting your business as the employer of choice. It gives them a quick look into the business to get an overall idea of its culture, size, staff and the employee value proposition you offer. If your company profile looks outdated it will reflect directly on the type of business you have.

Your company profile is so much more than just a glorified glossy document that you use once every blue moon. It is a fundamental document that should be in your marketing arsenal that sets your business apart and convinces both clients and employees to be associated with your business. Do not postpone updating or creating your company profile. You cannot go without it.  Who knows, your competitors have already finalised their profile last week…

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