Internal marketing targets those who know your business best — such as its employees and closest clients — and enlists their support in developing a strong brand image internally. The rationale behind internal marketing is that any business or service firm can use its own employees to “sell” the benefits of its products or services, a strategy that saves on external marketing costs and strengthens the brand overall. Some of the most effective internal marketing tools include the following:

Internal campaigns
Regular internal campaigns are marketing platforms that target employees. They are highly effective as they generate enthusiasm among employees. It is important to have a consistent frequency and a structured content plan.

Influential employees
These employees are typically non-managerial, highly visible and admired members of the organisation. Often these employees shape opinion inside your business, so getting their input on the marketing campaign before it goes out to the staff often encourages buy-in from other employees.

Regular events that target employees in a positive manner represent another valuable internal marketing tool. Such events serve the dual purpose of rewarding employees and elevating the image of the brand in the eyes of each staff member.

Regular training programs represent another useful internal marketing tool. Teams of employees engaged in shared learning experiences tend to develop social support networks among themselves that further the internal marketing goal of employee engagement with the organisation, as well as increase job satisfaction.

Communicate regularly
Aligning the organisational objective with the employee attitude is the most important step in the internal marketing process. We should always keep our employees informed about our goals and should clearly convey the message to the employees that “this is the purpose for which we are in the market”. We should then take necessary steps so that the employees can harmonise their attitude or behaviour.

Introducing core values
Use every possible marketing platform to introduce the core values of your business. Core values are the building blocks and foundation of your business, it directs decision making and acts as guidance for all actions and behaviour within the business. It is critical that all staff members take full ownership your core values.

Clear job specifications
If the employees do not know what to do; when to do; how to do; for whom to do, then it is very difficult to achieve the organisational objectives. This lack of coordination parallels to the lack of internal marketing. So, coordination must be established.

Pleasant working environment
We should create a corporate culture in which every employee can share their views with others. The safety and well-being of our teams is one of our top priorities. We commit ourselves to providing a work environment that fosters respect for social diversity, based on the safety and the personal fulfilment of each employee.

Empowering employees
When the employees feel that they are authorised and empowered to take a decision, they can show their intrinsic creativity which ultimately helps satisfy the customers. This authorisation and empowerment also entails the accountability of the employees.

Department competitions
Create a healthy competitive environment that inspires teamwork among members of a particular department. Contests or competitions between departments break up the regular routine of the work day, build camaraderie and provide the opportunity for members of departments who may not be familiar with each other to interact.

Internal employee newsletters
Create regular employee newsletters that provide employees with information about the current projects, growth and initiatives of the company. Newsletters should educate team members on new products, services or customers, equip them with the information they need to best do their jobs and remind them of the expectations and goals of the company.

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