What to avoid when doing marketing

An accurately developed marketing campaign can not only put you in contact with prospective clients, but it gets everyone talking about your firm and your service. It is of utmost importance to realise that marketing is an investment in your firm. Creating a marketing plan, and implementing the plan accurately can strengthen your brand and reputation.

That said, marketing mistakes can just as easily cost your firm money and ruin your reputation. It is necessary for you to be aware of common mistakes in marketing. Therefore, it is equally important to know what to do, as well as what to avoid.

The following marketing blunders can cause potential clients to question your expertise and move on to evaluating your competitor, hurting your firm and having a damaging impact on your success.

Not focusing on the client
A common mistake directors and owners make is that they will focus too much on the firm, and not on the client. Instead of focusing on marketing, their focus is shifted to logo, design, layout and website. All marketing plans should start with a clear profile of who your clients are. Understand your clients and get to know their needs and behaviours. Create content for them as if they were standing next to you, waiting to see it.

No USP (Unique Selling Point)
A USP is what differentiates you from your competitors. This can be based on positioning, price, size, business hours, location, etc. A USP will ensure that your firm stands out from the competition and will drive the success of your firm. It will single you out from the competition and should be used in your firm’s marketing.

No relationship with your clients
More often than not, substantial profits come from reoccurring business with clients over a lengthy period of time. The purpose of the initial interaction between your firm and the client is to gain a client and establish a long-term relationship. After the initial interaction, you have to maintain that relationship by communicating with the client and strengthening the relationship. This can be done in person or via e-mail, social media, website etc.

Not knowing who to target
If your firm identifies focus areas, it is important to identify a target market along with it. Before rushing into implementing the service, think about the size and characteristics of the target market. Income, age, and location all play a part in this specific process. If you try and target everyone, you will end up attracting no one.

Not measuring marketing results
It is important to make sure that the money, time and effort you put into your firm’s marketing campaigns are worth it. After analysing the results, you might need to change or update your strategy to improve the results. You will never know if your marketing is working if you do not study the campaign statistics.

Believing that marketing is an expense and not an investment
If you believe that everything you do in marketing is an expense, ready to cancel when things are not working like you imagined, then you are setting your firm up to fail. Marketing is a procedure that requires a steady, consistent investment to increase your visibility and prove your expertise. If you stop marketing to cut costs, your marketing efforts, and ultimately your firm, will fail.

Effective marketing is an on-going process, not a one-time investment. If you focus on avoiding these blunders from your marketing, you can drastically increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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