Whether you have several employees who have personal LinkedIn profiles or you are a self-employed, owner-driven business, a LinkedIn company page serves a number of very different functions, compared with your personal profile.

South Africa has the largest number of LinkedIn accounts on the continent, and also the highest penetration (sum of all accounts/population) at over 9%. To create a company page, you are required to have an e-mail address for that business, you can then choose designated admins to help manage the page – they must be connected with you on LinkedIn. Be aware that an admin has full editorial rights on your page and can also add or remove other page admins.  

  1. The benefits of having a company page: 
  • It showcases your company, not just a single employee.
  • Your employees act as indirect company ambassadors.
  • You can measure the effectiveness of your updates.
  • Be alerted when someone mentions your company.
  • Promote your most important news.
  • Showcase your specialist services.
  1. Do not overlook the power of LinkedIn company pages 

Think of your company page as a supplement to your website, it helps you drive traffic to your site. Your LinkedIn Company Page provides you with free marketing opportunities and enhances the credibility of your company to your audience. By improving your presence on LinkedIn Company Pages with rich content and compelling status updates you can also establish your brand as a leader in your industry.

A Company Page helps LinkedIn members learn about your business, brand, and job opportunities. Company pages are also a great way to establish industry expertise. Your target market always looks for information about companies relevant to them. Creating your own LinkedIn company page gives more exposure and visibility to your business, products or services, as your company’s products and services can easily be added in your LinkedIn Company page.

LinkedIn allows company pages to have followers. This will allow your page followers to be able to keep track of your company news, updates and or announcements of new services. You can also add videos to each of your product or service listings. This gives you the ability and opportunity to showcase what you can do and what you have to offer.

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