You might have decided that you would like to use Facebook to grow your customer base and your business. However, with all the information out there, wouldn’t it be nice to have a little pocket guide to show you how to use Facebook for your business? The following tips should help you:
Do not: Leave your company’s “About” section blank
A preview of your “about” section is shown beneath your profile picture, and it is one of the first places people will look when they’re scanning your page. Make sure it displays relevant information about your company.
Do: Coordinate your cover photo, posts, and profile CTA to promote marketing campaigns
These three things are the most immediately visible parts of your page. If you want to maximise engagement with your marketing campaigns, try matching your copy and creative across all three.
Do not: Post too often
According to research, companies with fewer than 10,000 Facebook followers receive 60% fewer interactions per post when they post 60+ times per month. So do not overwhelm your customers by posting more than a few times per day.
Do: Respond back to timeline posts and comments
Though we are advocates for scheduling your posts ahead of time, that doesn’t mean you should set it and forget it. Social media is about engaging with your audience, and if you aren’t responding to questions or comments from your audience you are risking losing valuable interactions with potential brand ambassadors.
Do not: Focus on selling alone
Try mixing in some genuine posts, even if you aren’t sharing promotional material, articles and questions you ask your audience should reflect your industry, your brand, and your mission. This way, no matter where potential customers find your brand they will get an accurate portrayal of who you are and what you aim to do.

Do: Use Facebook for customer service
Online support forums and live-chat services can be costly. But Facebook can help you communicate easily with customers who become your fans on the site. Facebook’s wall, forums, status updates and other features let you answer technical and other queries, post new product updates or offer a frequently-asked-questions (FAQ) section.

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