“How do I keep our competitors from stealing our employees? I know we need to focus on why they would want to leave, but is there some way I can keep others from seeing them on LinkedIn?”

Unfortunately, the answer is no.

LinkedIn is an excellent tool for professional visibility, networking, communicating and awareness for any firm, business or person, but employers must be aware of the fact that LinkedIn has become a popular hunting ground for HR managers, recruiters and head-hunters alike. Take this into account if all your employees are currently active on LinkedIn. Here is a list of reasons why recruitment agencies have moved on from platforms like Gumtree and Indeed to the networking tool that is LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is free
Anyone with a valid e-mail address can create a free LinkedIn account. The free version of LinkedIn comes with 80% of the functionality of a Premium account. Most recruitment agencies will and can have a representative active on LinkedIn.

The advanced search function
This is probably the most valid reason recruiters prefer using the networking tool, LinkedIn allows users to search very specifically, from searching only certain job titles, to locations and much more. This allows for accurate connections, similar to a “friend request”. Keep in mind that Recruiters need to connect with an individual’s profile before any contact can be made.

The online CV
There are many forums and articles that will advise a user to avoid considering a LinkedIn profile as a version of their CV, but the truth is that a complete LinkedIn profile provides enough information for a viewer to evaluate the status of an individual’s career ladder. Not only that, a clear and complete profile indicates that the individual is thorough, authentic and professional.

Job Seeking
There are many reasons why a person would create a LinkedIn profile; professional visibility, engagement on professional topics to garner advice and connect with like-minded individuals and finally, for some, it might be to find a job that is ideally matched with their qualifications, experience and interests.

The game changer remains a person’s engagement on LinkedIn, posting articles and promoting your business. This will not make employers an easy target, as the impressions will state that the individual’s purpose is not that of a job seeker, but rather one for connection and professional visibility. Have a discussion with your employees on the purpose of LinkedIn visibility for your business. Ensure that you have an active Company Page that each employee can be linked to and encourage engagement as well as selective connections.

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