Twitter is a remarkable social media platform for businesses. It is a way to connect with new people, keep in touch with those you know, find out what’s going on in your world and get your message out there. If you are new to Twitter it can be more than a little confusing. Here are a few tips to guide you in the right direction:
Fill in your Twitter profile completely
You have about three seconds during which people assess your company information, so make sure you write it well.
Have a good icon or image
Professional shots is the best way to go.
Include a link to your website or blog
This is vital if you want to be trusted on Twitter.
Find people to follow
Connect with others who you find interesting, people you know, clients, organisations you rate and authors.
Share valuable content
Post information you think they’d find useful or interesting – links to articles or videos, share quotes, relevant news, books you’ve read, opinions and tips.
Do not sell
Promote your services occasionally but this should not be the main event.
Ask questions
You can learn a lot from your followers.
Make your Tweets 140 characters of enticing relevant content
Treat your Tweets with the same care and attention you would treat a news headline: short, focused, and typo-free.
Research prospects and keep an eye on the competition
Keeping an eye on your competitors using Twitter gives you insight into what’s working for them and more importantly, what isn’t.
Use Twitter to spread your brand message
Engage in Twitter chats, respond to your followers, look up hashtags or keywords related to your industry and offer your thoughts on a relevant topic.
Some Twitter users utilise the social media site to build their company brand or generate leads. There are bloggers who use the platform to share ideas and articles and to see what others are writing about. Some people check Twitter for news, while others want to see what celebrities or friends are up to. Defining your purpose will help you decide who to follow and what kind of information to share.

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