Cutting your marketing budget during a recession is a bad idea!

Why you should rethink slashing your marketing budget during a recession It is understandable that professional service firms would want to cut or downgrade their marketing spend in difficult financial times. Most of the time these cuts are to protect short-term profitability in lieu of long-term strategy, but is this the right time to throw […]

Internal marketing vs. External marketing

“Happy internal clients mean happy external clients!” Internal marketing is the process of motivating and empowering the employees of a company to work as a team for the overall wellbeing of the customers and thereby the company itself. This is actually the core to the success of a company. A harmonised effort within the company […]

Important drivers that increase employee engagement

A recent international study has shown that the following drivers have been identified as the most important that increases employee engagement – they are: Manager-employee relationship The manager-employee relationship is the most important driver of employee engagement; this relationship has been tied to employees’ satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their work or workplace and their subsequent […]

Difference between employee engagement and satisfaction

The term “employee engagement” has been around for some time. Executive coaches, consultants and HR managers have been telling us for years that employees must be more than satisfied. In addition to satisfaction, we’re told, we actually need to strive to make employees engaged. If you’re unsure of the distinction – that difference between satisfaction and […]

Things motivated staff do not do

In our research we have found that when individuals are fulfilled in their job they not only produce higher quality work and a greater output, but also generally earn higher incomes. And those most satisfied with their work are also 150 percent more likely to have a happier life overall. In our efforts over the […]

Components and elements of Employee Engagement

There are two primary factors or components that drive employee engagement. These factors are based on statistical analysis and widely supported by industry research. 1. Engagement with the organisation measures how engaged employees are with the organisation as a whole, and by extension, how they feel about senior management. This factor has to do with […]

What is Employee Disengagement?

Actively disengaged employees are defined as employees who aren’t just unhappy at work; they are busy acting out their unhappiness. Every day, these workers undermine what their engaged co-workers accomplish. Employee disengagement is related to employee engagement, these phenomena are often studied as being connected to each other and disengagement is often discussed in the […]

What is Employee Engagement?

What makes one company or firm more successful than another? Better products, services, strategies, technologies or, perhaps, a better cost structure? Certainly, all of these contribute to superior performance, but all of them can be copied over time. The one thing that creates sustainable competitive advantage – and therefore ROI, company value and long-term strength […]

Staff Motivation And Staff Satisfaction

The pursuit of motivating staff forms a large part of the employer’s role, yet the nature of what exactly is involved in motivation is often misinterpreted by both employers and employees. Most of us have come across people who perform their jobs by doing as little as possible. They are the latecomers and early leavers. […]

Popular Internal Marketing Tools

Internal marketing targets those who know your business best — such as its employees and closest clients — and enlists their support in developing a strong brand image internally. The rationale behind internal marketing is that any business or service firm can use its own employees to “sell” the benefits of its products or services, […]