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Professional Services Marketing

In today's knowledge-based economy service professionals face a dazzling array of opportunities and challenges. In order to survive and compete effectively, they need a disciplined approach for detecting market shifts, harnessing their competitive advantages, and developing service offerings that will attract the most profitable clients – necessary and critical skills that have never been required before. As specialists in the strategic marketing of professional service firms SucceedGroup recognises that our professional clients are unique and totally different from other business enterprises. We further understand the business environment they operate in as well as the crucial principles they require to guide them to survive, prosper and compete in the challenging times ahead.

Digital & Print Marketing

There’s no time for rest when it comes to digital marketing. The ever-changing state of this field requires speedy innovation to stay in step with the needs of both businesses and consumers. SucceedMedia, our digital marketing division, specialises in developing digital marketing strategies for professional service firms. Put simply, a digital marketing strategy is the process that a professional service firm undertakes to achieve its goals of growing its brand awareness, increasing the general awareness of its services and its service professionals, positioning itself stronger in the markets they serve and increasing all areas of sales. A careful approach is required to identify the right digital instruments and secondly to integrate these elements in order to achieve the marketing objectives.

Soft Skills Training

Short course provisioning is one of the most dynamic features of South Africa's emerging education and training system. The soft skill courses developed and offered by SucceedAcademy, our training division, is particularly associated with ‘just in time’, and ‘just enough’ learning as well as meeting specific needs in the workplace environment. This approach is a viable and common method for optimal workplace functioning in many contexts. It makes access to learning manageable, and saves the employers and the employees’ money, time, energy and resources. We strive to offer soft skill and practical-based training through various methods of learning to help reach individual, social (SucceedFoundation) and organisational goals.

Internal Marketing

Look after your staff and they look after your business – that is what we believe in. Our value offering is of such a nature that it will assist your business in empowering your staff to not only buy into your vision, but also to live it! By having internal marketing as an integral part of your business you can enhance productivity, staff morale and communication. Furthermore, your external marketing will become that much more effective, since your vision is being communicated from a point of experience and consistency from within your business. Start impacting the lives of clients by first impacting the lives of your staff.

Training & Development

A company can greatly benefit from a training and development programme since everyone involved is going to improve in one way or another. It benefits a business in the sense that it boosts employee morale, enhances efficiency, helps in risk management, enhances innovation and boosts the company's image. Furthermore, investing in employees gives them something to work towards and a sense of growth. Without this, they may decide to move somewhere else where they are able to learn and grow. Employees are the most important resource a business can have, so you should make sure they are treated as such.

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