Understanding what our clients want to achieve is our number one drive when we execute our integrated marketing solutions. Achieving results is what we are all about.

The Succeed-brand found its origin in 2008 as a training company called Succeed Academy which offered parttime training to working individuals in marketing management, general management, and human resources management. A strong need for similar training courses existed in the service and professional service industry and it drove Succeed Academy to focus and cater specifically for these specialised industries in the following years.

With strong roots and extensive experience in the marketing field Succeed Group was founded in 2010 in recognition of the need for high-quality, affordable strategic and tactical marketing expertise to be more readily available to businesses in the above-mentioned markets.

From very small beginnings, with a staff count of three, equipped with our unique and specialised knowledge of services marketing, Succeed slowly but surely grew its footprint and found its path in the services and professional service industry in the South African market.

Today, more than a decade later (with a staff compliment of close to 50 staff) Succeed is a well-established, full-service strategic marketing and pricing consulting firm and a national player in the field of services and professional services marketing. The once small business has over years developed successfully into The Succeed Group of Companies that include SucceedConsult (Strategic Marketing Consultancy), SucceedMedia (Digital Marketing), Surplus Profit (Price Consulting), SucceedAcademy (Competency Development) and recently SucceedOnline (Platform & Software Development).

With the future upon us, Succeed wants to view itself as a thought leader in the specialised service and professional service industry in South Africa. Not only offering a wide range of integrated and strategic marketing and pricing services, but also an industry-changing role in assisting service and professional service firms to adapt new business models and to optimise their growth path into highly successful businesses.

The Succeed Way – Within Succeed we believe in a certain approach, a “way of doing” or a unique business philosophy. The culture within our business reflects, at first, a core belief of adding real and tangible marketing value, making a REAL difference.

We are innovative, solution driven, creative and professional in our approach and we take full ownership of what our clients require from us. Each member of our team has an absolute passion for what they do and therefore strive in delivering high levels of service.

Succeed views itself as a specialist in the services marketing and professional services marketing field. Our vision is to strengthen our stance nationally and internationally as a thought leader in these highly specialised industries – with specific reference to being strategic marketing and pricing consultants.

We further envision ourselves to be in an industry-changing role whereby we can contribute by assisting firms to adapt to new business models and to optimise their growth path into highly profitable businesses.

As strategic marketing and pricing consultants our primary objectives are to assist service and professional service firms to optimise their businesses and to activate real and avisible growth. Within our unique approach and along with our unique growth drivers, Succeed is totally committed and dedicated to unlock sustainable business growth and optimisation within the framework of the strategic marketing objectives that have been set.

Collaborating clients (that enjoys our full range of strategic services) can expect to experience growth in strategy and direction, profits and profitability, turnover, positioning, visibility, client engagement, client retention and spend, critical capacity management, resource allocation and many more.