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17 Feb 2023 | 10-11:30am

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Activating Growth & Profitability in 2023

- for Accounting Firms

Are you steering in the right direction?

Achieving Strategic and Sustainable Growth as a South African Accounting Firm.

Accounting firms in South Africa mostly rely on pure organic growth and have a restrictive focus on increasing revenue, which means that they cannot access the optimal way to grow. Firms need to take charge of growth and direct their strategic approaches to discover the shortest route to their destination.

Meet your presenter:

Ben vd Westhuyzen

- Director: Strategic Marketing & Pricing | SucceedGroup

Ben is the Managing Director of the strategic marketing and pricing consultancy SucceedGroup. His unwavering passion for marketing and esteemed entrepreneurial expertise drives him in finding optimal and innovative solutions to the problems at hand in the services marketing industry.

As a marketing lecturer and entrepreneur, he has acquired over 20 years of specialist knowledge and experience in brand management, service quality assurance, as well as marketing research and development.

Strategic Marketing
and Pricing Consultants

Succeed is unique in our approach and what we offer. As a well-established, prominent, and full-service marketing firm, we offer a full range of integrated and specialised marketing services to growing businesses all over South Africa and internationally. We offer a broad spectrum of tailored services, and we specialise in Services Marketing as well as Professional Services Marketing.