Can recruiters find my employees on LinkedIn?

“How do I keep our competitors from stealing our employees? I know we need to focus on why they would want to leave, but is there some way I can keep others from seeing them on LinkedIn?” Unfortunately, the answer is no. LinkedIn is an excellent tool for professional visibility, networking, communicating and awareness for […]

Have you been neglecting your internal branding?

Do all clients consistently get what they expect from your employees? Are their expectations exceeded or do you always barely meet them? The secret lies in internal marketing!  Over time marketing has become synonymous with external marketing – the marketing of the brand to your clients. While external marketing ‘makes the promise’ to the outside […]

The fundamentals for building your Personal Brand

Branding your business remains the primary goal, but by adding personal branding to the marketing mix will only enhance the overall successes of all branding efforts. Personal branding is becoming increasingly important because modern audiences tend to trust individual people more than their organisation. Audiences are bombarded and so used to seeing advertising everywhere. The […]