Can recruiters find my employees on LinkedIn?

“How do I keep our competitors from stealing our employees? I know we need to focus on why they would want to leave, but is there some way I can keep others from seeing them on LinkedIn?” Unfortunately, the answer is no. LinkedIn is an excellent tool for professional visibility, networking, communicating and awareness for […]

Why do I need to publish articles on LinkedIn?

While there is no shortage of ways to get content on the Internet, one of the most effective places to do so is on LinkedIn. Millions of users read through LinkedIn’s publishing platform Pulse consistently all day and are comfortable commenting, sharing and engaging with content because the nature of the LinkedIn platform encourages it. […]

Why do you need a Company Page on LinkedIn?

Whether you have several employees who have personal LinkedIn profiles or you are a self-employed, owner-driven business, a LinkedIn company page serves a number of very different functions, compared with your personal profile. South Africa has the largest number of LinkedIn accounts on the continent, and also the highest penetration (sum of all accounts/population) at […]

How small businesses are getting LinkedIn wrong

The social network can be a great place to promote a start-up. Here’s how to do it right. The social network is an inevitable part of online life for working professionals. But much of the advice on how to leverage it is targeted at big names. With that in mind, here are tips on how […]

LinkedIn Can Help Boost Your Business

LinkedIn is easily the premier social networking site for businesses and business professionals. While Facebook and Twitter may get the lion’s share of popular attention, they simply do not offer the business building opportunities available with an active and well-crafted LinkedIn account. Many people fail to take full advantage of their LinkedIn profile to generate […]