Why Video Content Receives 69% More Engagement and How You Can Capitalise on It

In today’s digital era, engagement is the currency of the online world. Brands are in a constant race to captivate their audiences, and one medium is leading the charge: video content. Studies have shown that video content receives a staggering 69% more engagement than any other content form. But why is this the case? And […]

Cutting your marketing budget during a recession is a bad idea!

Why you should rethink slashing your marketing budget during a recession It is understandable that professional service firms would want to cut or downgrade their marketing spend in difficult financial times. Most of the time these cuts are to protect short-term profitability in lieu of long-term strategy, but is this the right time to throw […]

The importance of top of mind awareness

“Consistency is king with advertising and marketing activities” In marketing the term, top of mind awareness, is a way to measure how well your brand ranks in the minds of your target audience. If anybody were to be asked to respond, without prompting, to recall the brand that comes to mind when mentioning a type […]

Your brand is not your logo but it can tell your clients what to expect

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room.” It might be confusing to you when you read the phrase: Your logo is not your brand.  Too often logo design is treated as being identical as your brand and although they go hand-in-hand, it is not the same. […]

Having a complete client database is an effective marketing tool

Is your clients’ information currently hidden in lots of paper files, duplicated, incomplete or even outdated? Your client database is very important as it becomes the focus point for sales and marketing strategies. By having a complete database, it will become a helpful tool to enable you to not only identify client trends, but to […]

Personal branding can be your game changer

How do you decide whose email messages you are going to read and respond to first in the morning and whose emails you going to send to the deleted items as unread? The answer lies in personal branding. The name of the email sender is every bit as important as a brand. It is a […]

Have you been neglecting your internal branding?

Do all clients consistently get what they expect from your employees? Are their expectations exceeded or do you always barely meet them? The secret lies in internal marketing!  Over time marketing has become synonymous with external marketing – the marketing of the brand to your clients. While external marketing ‘makes the promise’ to the outside […]

The fundamentals for building your Personal Brand

Branding your business remains the primary goal, but by adding personal branding to the marketing mix will only enhance the overall successes of all branding efforts. Personal branding is becoming increasingly important because modern audiences tend to trust individual people more than their organisation. Audiences are bombarded and so used to seeing advertising everywhere. The […]

All Employees are Ambassadors of your Brand

The benefits of a strong brand are tremendous. Brands are not built by a marketing team or an advertising campaign alone. It is the responsibility of every employee in every department. From the friendly receptionist to the highly paid consultant who delivers phenomenal solutions to clients. Employees have a role to play and can directly […]

Build your Brand by Educating your clients

“The best marketing tool you can add to your marketing mix is – education!” We all have subscribed to an expert’s newsletter, downloaded an interesting article or shared a tip that you have read with a friend. Education is the most effective and easiest way to build your brand! You might have heard it before, […]