Positioning is all about Perception

“Branding is all about perception” As with in the case of beauty, perception also ultimately lies in the eye of the beholder. It differs from person to person. What you perceive as a quality or value for money might differ from somebody else’s perception; so do the results of the positioning of your brand. Branding […]

Brochures Are Not Outdated Yet

The first thought that most probably comes to mind when somebody uses the word brochure is the cupboards full of boxes with thousands of brochures that you once printed in bulk. You still have not managed to hand everything out and by now the text has become irrelevant and the design outdated.The good news is […]

Tips For Improving Your Newsletter

How often do you receive emails and then immediately delete it without opening or reading it? It takes only a few seconds to scan an email and decide whether it is worth reading or not. Although newsletters might sound simple to use there are indeed a few tips for improving yours as an effective marketing […]